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17-A's Word Salad

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5 February 1983
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With any luck, you're looking at the info page for someone who won't need to be a full-time student again in the near future. By the end of 2007, I hope to have a master's degree in liberal studies, which really doesn't hold any meaning beyond the fact that it's a master's degree. What am I going to do after I get that degree? Good question! Let me know if you find out.

As for my entries, they're sporadic by choice, because I'm not neurotic enough to feel like I need to update every day. When I actually do update, it's always around 3 p.m. for some reason (may appear as 3 a.m. on certain PC's, contact your vendor if this problem persists). Now, some of you savvier types may be saying, "can't you just type in what the time is when you update your journal?" And to types like you, I say... nothing. I just hide under my bed until you stop asking questions.

* "17-A's Word Salad" is harvested from the finest salad bars, equipped with the finest sneeze guards. Accept no substitute! *